Robert Lockyer

Founder & Chief Client Officer

Delta Global · United Kingdom

Robert Lockyer is the Founder and Chief Client Officer of Delta Global. With more than 32 years of global experience in the luxury packaging industry, Robert is known for his in-depth market knowledge, passion and exceptional creativity. After spending 16 years working as the Group Sales Director of Keenpac, a luxury packaging company, Robert created Delta Global in 2007 with a vision to make fantastic products and share groundbreaking ideas for some of the world’s most iconic brands. As Chief Client Officer, he leads the team and drives projects with clients from conception to completion. He aligns the uniquely collaborative approach of Delta Global with progressive companies to develop brand-enhancing packaging that has as little impact on the environment as possible.

With a clear goal to be the global leader in sustainable luxury packaging, Robert guides his clients through every step of the supply and distribution journey to ensure they meet the highest standards of verified innovation and environmental performance. A passionate advocate of connected customer experience across all channels, created through the medium of sustainable luxury and performance packaging solutions.

Based in the UK, Robert frequently travels to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, US and the Middle East to meet clients, speak and exchange ideas at the world’s biggest industry events and drive innovation with their expertise in sustainable packaging practices.

Creator of “Our Place” wellbeing and life coaching support for all at Delta Global, Robert is a true people champion.