Yao Yingjia

Vice President

Group Lotus · United Kingdom

Mr. Yao Yingjia is the Vice President of Group Lotus and Global Head of Lotus Life, with a career spanning over 20-years including Lenovo, where he was Vice President of the Lenovo Group, General Manager of the Lenovo Empowerment Centre, and Chief Design Officer of the Lenovo Group.


He is now responsible for merchandise and services outside of the Group Lotus vehicle product line, and responsible for creating an ecosystem of cross-industry cooperation across Lotus. As a promoter of social, design and cultural development, global integration, and innovation, Mr. Yao is leading the future lifestyle of Group Lotus in the new era of intelligent and green mobility. 


Mr Yao contributes broadly to his passion in design and is the President of Beijing Industrial Design Centre and Vice President of the China Industrial Design Association. He has won several awards including the Design Contest for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch, Red Dot: Design Team of the Year in 2013 and was awarded DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer in 2013.